Ivet Lalova-Collio delighted more than 60 athletes at the first annual awards that coincided with the fifth birthday of Ivet Lalova Sprint Academy.

The event was held at the Palace of Happy People. The 33-year-old sprinter has personally awarded all the kids, and the most loyal have recieved a special diamond to attach to their club track suits. Ivet delighted the club’s representatives with many more surprises.


Special guest of the celebration was the president of the Bulgarian Athletics Federation, Dobromir Karamarinov, who did not spare his praise to Ivet and encouraged the young athletes to follow her successful footsteps.

At the event were also the closest people of the Bulgarian sprinter – her husband Simone Collio and her family.

There was a big surprise for Ivet as well: she received a gift from the parents of the kids training at Ivet Lalova Sprint Academy.

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